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LOUIS SCHREYER                                      





Louis Schreyer is a German born multidisciplinary artist based between London and Berlin.

His work treads a balance between research and impulse, navigating a range of mediums including installation work, painting, film and photography.

Commenting and reflecting on the world and societies he has been experiencing, his work deals with some of the greatest issues we are facing as a species.

Schreyer’s interests in geopolitics, language, power and human agency inform his work, which can be calculated and yet highly emotional.


Education //

2012 – 2013 Foundation Diploma Graphic design, Central Saint Martins
2013 – 2016 BA Design for Interaction and Moving image, London College of Communication

2016 - 2018 MA Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art

Exhibitions //

2014 thePrintSpace, London. AOP Student Awards exhibition as part of final selection.
2015 Science Museum, London - Tim Peak’s “Principia” Launch Event.  “Space potty trainer” Installation

2015 Soho Revue, London. Noble People Group exhibition.

2016 Noble Studies, London. Noble People Group exhibition. Interactive Installation “From a dream” and photo series “Sin pena.”

2017 Ha Miffal Gallery, Jerusalem. Exhibiting Newspeak in context adjusted form.

2017 Fata Morgana Gallery, Berlin. Group exhibition “UK to Germany.”  Showing From a dream.

2017 The Workshop, London. Group exhibition 21 Faith. Exhibiting “Newspeak.”

2017 Mainoeuvre Gallery, Berlin. “Lunch Money” - Group Exhibition, showing drawings.

2017 Courtyard Gallery, RCA, London. “How did we get here” Group exhibition, showing “How it used to be”

2017 White City Place, London. Entangled: Art, Science and Quantum Computing exhibition.

2018 Doomed Gallery, London. It Will Find You. Group Photography exhibition.

2018 Bar Marcella, Barcelona. Nato Kids x WIP. Pop up Event.

2018 Studio Famos, Ingolstadt, Germany. Nato Kids Pop up Store.

2018 Venice Short Film Festival, Selected for  “Best Experimental Short”