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How it used to be

(MA project @rca 2018)

is a short film that describes the story of a Nato Kid trying to escape the guilt of being part of the problem not the solution, in the face of impending climate crisis and nuclear war. The film is set in a future in which the protagonist looks back at the present and how we build dream worlds in which we detach ourselves from global issues.

Short film shot on a journey to the military owned islands of Hormuz and Queshm, Iran, with additional footage from the protagonist’s childhood features a a range of media including Iphone, mini dv and 16mm footage.

The islands Queshm and Hormoz are of great strategic geopolitical importance, as they are situated in the Straight of Hormuz, which provides passage to 20% of global petroleum. A place rich in beauty, yet its that beauty which our earth provides that make it so dangerous.

The film plays on the idea of inflicting guilt from a positive future, assuming information is free and the truth behind horrors of our time will be taught in schools some day. The future does not exist apart from the words which create world in our heads. Therefore in order to save our future, we need to create faith in it, a shared vision of peace that inspires actions in the present. We are all guilty, and none of us can change the world, but in the end I don’t want to say “we bombed the middle East” – They did, we just watched and let them do it.

خاسته نباشى

On Exhibition at RCA degree show 2018 in installation.
Featuring Hormoz Stones and Sand. 
Mural made with Pigments from Island. 
And local chess set with the kings removed, looking over the battle ground from above.