Nato Kids // is a project exploring the possibilities and boundaries of social and political change through popular culture and how we create meaningful connections and experiences for people to unite behind peace.

Identifying the Nato as a main counter agent in the struggle for peace, the project Nato Kids aims at creating a common understanding of geopolitics today, while creating an ideological platform for peace.

Reminding us, Nato Kids, of our collective responsibility to speak and learn about the current wars our states are inflicting on the world in order to reduce our future guilt that is likely to surface when confronting our apathy and ignorance of the past.

Still, Nato Kids aim to inspire and educate in a light hearted, yet deep rooted way, we know it wasn’t you, it was them!

We bombed, We killed, We invaded.

No, THEY DID, we just watched and let them do it.

- Nato Kids



Pop Up Store with WIP by Axel Lagerborg at MACERA Taller Bar, Barcelona. 08.18

As stocked at Studio Famos 2018

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